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God’s love gives life purpose and meaning.
Children born into difficult circumstances in Kenya have no way of knowing there is more to life than suffering, because they are sadly unaware that God has a plan for their lives. Unfortunately, if they do not receive the help they need, these children’s destinies may be lost to poverty and isolation.

Since 2002, Our Home has been serving vulnerable children and orphans by providing security and education through Christ’s love.

We receive orphans and other vulnerable children to raise as our own as part of the Victory Faith Church community in Nairobi.

Our ministry offers a growing population of vulnerable children the most essential necessities:

  • Safety

    Without any family or relatives, these children come to us with nothing. We provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and love to our children so they can live up to their God-given potential.
  • Medical Care

    Kenya is a nation with a high prevalence of dangerous disease and malnutrition. We help provide our children with proper medical attention and ongoing care to lift them from suffering.
  • Spiritual Training

    We instill in our children Biblical teachings that result in a deep faith that enriches their lives. By teaching our children the scripture, we seek to inspire the next generation of believers in Kenya, spreading the Word of God.
  • Education

    We educate our children in a variety of subjects so we can identify their God-given gifts. Our children have access to church activities, physical education, reading, tutoring, and educational trips through Our Home.

Without the care they receive from Our Home, these children would have nothing and would not know the love of God. We believe in going beyond just providing the basic necessities. We want our children to thrive in body, soul, and spirit, learning what it is to live happily.

Children's Home African Ministry Children with Founder Carla Porter
Children's Home African Ministry Children Writing

Soon, Living Faith International will be providing education to a larger population of children when our Heritage Leadership Academy opens its doors. Because of this, we expect even more vulnerable children to rely on Our Home for physical and spiritual care.

Partnership is the best way to support our efforts to raise orphans and vulnerable children so they may live a full, abundant life.

I thank God for enabling me to know such wonderful people. I am where I am and who I am today because of you. You have provided everything for me. You’ve given me a good education, and I am the first one in my family to go to university. After my father’s death we were hopeless and filled with pain… but you taught us, come rain or shine, to put a smile on our face because God has a bright future for us. I believed you and you showed me how to love…. I’m so grateful to you and the partners of this ministry for removing all the pain from me.

Living Faith International African Ministry Founder Carla with Student


I am the second last born in a family of six children. I’m grateful to God for how far he has brought me. I am the only one in my family who has come this far in terms of education. I remember the first time the desire to become a nurse came into my heart. I saw the medical team from Victory Faith Church… and I desired to become one of those who would treat people in the future. I graduated from High School and then I was offered an opportunity to join the Kijabe School of Nursing. Thank you to all of the partners who have helped me through the years in bringing my dreams into reality.

Living Faith International African Ministry Student


Firstly, I am thankful to the Lord to belong to this home. I have experienced a life transition since coming here… I consciously gave my life to Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit. I am very happy to have completed High School under the care of “Our Home.” I am looking forward to joining university and pursuing and education in economics. The teachings about love and the Holy Spirit have remained in me. I am really thankful to you… for supporting me fully and loving me.

Living Faith International African Ministry Male Student



We begin by providing simple necessities like food and shelter.


Then we nurture these children to walk in God’s light by providing them with the spiritual training they need to live their lives to the fullest.


Once their basic needs are met, we help our children reach their full God-given potential with a comprehensive education.


Our Home’s mission is to help orphaned and vulnerable children overcome their very difficult, challenging beginnings. We strive to give them every opportunity to move forward spiritually, emotionally, and in their general well-being. One of our larger goals is to educate them at the highest level of their ability.

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