Heritage Leadership Academy

There’s nothing worse than the loss of a child’s potential. Without a strong education, their gifts and talents are never realized, robbing them of a happy, productive future. We endeavor to identify their gifts and talents and educate them accordingly.

Education is the best way to ensure the future of vulnerable children.
  • Biblical Teaching in Every Grade

    The core of our school is giving our students strong spiritual guidance based on scripture. By teaching Biblical truths to our students, they will walk in the path of Jesus and become the next generation of believers.
  • An excellent curriculum

    We will teach our children a wide variety of subjects to help them discover their gifts and talents. A well-rounded education helps them grow into a love of learning and moves them forward into higher levels of education.
  • Encourage leadership

    We want all of our students to become leaders in their generation. Our goal is to teach them principles of leadership so that no matter what sphere of society they go into they will have the character and integrity to succeed.
  • Principles of finance

    Understanding finances is a critical key to long-term success. Financial education nurtures responsibility and encourages our students to manage money personally, in business, and in ministry.

Our dream is to educate students holistically in spirit, soul, and body, and Heritage Leadership Academy will soon become a reality. We are nearing completion of our first construction phase thanks to the compassion of our partners.


The education we offer to our students is critical to raise them from vulnerability into God’s higher purpose for their lives. We want to take them beyond surviving into thriving. These children will go on to colleges, university, and meaningful professions they could never have accessed otherwise. For these African children, your help means the difference between surviving or thriving.

Partner with Living Faith International and help us to ensure the success of our school. Friends of Heritage Leadership Academy can donate to support all of our efforts to offer our students an excellent education.

Recurring donations are the best way to support Living Faith International’s mission to educate orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya. Your consistent charitable donations allow us to change the lives of those who would  otherwise not have access to a proper education. Please consider giving a recurring gift today!

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