About Us

Living Faith International has been ministering in Kenya since 1987! Teaching the Word of God is at the heart of Living Faith International.

We help believers mature in their walk with God and mentor vulnerable and orphaned youth to serve Jesus.

In 1994, Wade and Carla Porter launched Victory Faith Church with the purpose of teaching, training, and mentoring others to live by faith in God’s Word, to learn of Him and His desire to bless His people, so that they can be distributors of that blessing.

Our Vision:

Victory Faith Church uses the power of evangelism, teaching, and mentorship to inspire the next generation of believers through the Word of God.

Living Faith International Kids Praying
Living Faith International Founder Carla with Kids Blessing
Kids Singing

The Kenya Student Christian Fellowship (KSCF) is a government-endorsed program that sends Christian leaders and churches into Kenyan high schools weekly to teach the Bible.


We train, mentor, counsel, and befriend high school students, helping them face difficult challenges both in and out of the classroom.

Living Faith International visits scores of schools on a weekly basis to teach and counsel hundreds of students. During the KSCF conferences held during school breaks, we may minister to thousands of students and provide them with wisdom and direction.

Living Faith International Founder Carla with Educators and Counselors for KSCF Program
Educators & Counselors for the KSCF program.

Carla Porter directs Living Faith International, the parent organization for many Christian ministries across Africa. Carla stepped forward as leader of the ministry after the death of her husband, Wade, in 2012.

In founding Living Faith International, Wade and Carla sought to show compassion to vulnerable populations of African children.

Carla is the senior pastor of Victory Faith Church in Nairobi. The congregation is deeply involved in teaching, mentoring, and counseling high school students in secondary schools throughout Nairobi. She is also the director of Our Home, an orphanage and child care center in Nairobi, Kenya.


Carla is driven to fulfill the call of God in her life. She is compassionate for those who do not know God and do not understand that He gives life meaning. She wants to break down and simplify the truths of God’s Word, teaching Biblical lessons to build up believers so that they may carry out God’s will for the rest of their lives.

Going forward, Carla wants to be a voice for the plight of orphans and vulnerable children whose destinies are lost without intervention from the body of Christ.

Living Faith International Founder Carla with Kids 2
Living Faith International Founder Carla with Kids 2
Living Faith International Founder Carla with Kids
Living Faith International